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A downloadable book (or eBook) replaces the out-of-print book. It is NOT shipped. Instead, after payment is completed, you will receive an e-mail that contains a link to the digital Acrobat Reader file that contains the book. (PLEASE NOTE: This link is available for ONLY 48 hours.)

To view and print the book, be sure that Acrobat Reader is on your computer (free from In the e-mail you will see the words "DownLink" followed by a web address underlined in blue. Click the blue DownLink in the e-mail. An internet page will open. There you will find the instructions for downloading your purchased book. Please follow the instructions on that page. You will then be able to print from Acrobat Reader using your printer. Enjoy!

Sam's Favorites

PM Sam's Favorites

20th set

PM 20th & 30th Annivesary Set

pmr2 download

PMR1 download

pmr2 download

PMR2 download

pmr3 download

PMR3 download

pm9 download

PMR9 download

pmr8-29 download

PMR8-29 download

pmr19-20 download

PMR19-20 download

pmr22-39 download

PMR22-39 download

pm4 download

PM4 download

pm7 download

PM7 download

pm10 download

PM10 download

pm15 download

PM15 download

pm16 download

PM16 download

pm17 download

PM17 download

pm18 download

PM18 download

pm21 download

PM21 download

pm24 download

PM24 download

pm25 download

PM25 download

pm27 download

PM27 download

pm30 download

PM30 download

pm31 download

PM31 download

pm33 download

PM33 download

pm34 download

PM34 download

pm36 download

PM36 download

pm37 download

PM37 download

pm38 download

PM38 download

pm40 download

PM40 download

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