Ruth Morehead BK79-88
Endangered Young'uns Vol. 1 & 2

BK79-88 front

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BK79-88 contains 28 Counted Cross Stitch Designs.


"The Red Fox"

"The Tiger"

"The Brown Bear"

BK79-88 back

BK79-88 Back Cover

"The Elephant"

"The Wolf"

"The Chimpanzee"

"The Lion"

"Bobcat Kittens"

"The Cheetah"

"The Cougar"

"The Orangutan"

"The Spotted Leopard"

BK79-88 inside front

BK79-88 Inside Front Cover

"The Southern Sea Otter"

"The Grizzly Bear"

"The Polar Bear"

"The Harp Seal"

"The Panda"

"Ocelot Kittens"

"Snow Leopards"

"Bald Eagle Chicks"

"Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels"

BK79-88 inside back

BK79-88 Inside Back Cover

"Badger Cubs"

"Baby Mountain Gorillas"

"Spotted Owls"

"Black Footed Ferret"

"Utah Prairie Dogs"

"Mountain Zebra"

"Golden Lion Tamarin"